Our Process

While each client is unique and must be treated as such, the common denominator is the need to prudently manage their investments. 

Our core consulting service is a structured process with a holistic approach to customization based on the clients’ needs, ensuring all elements have been considered in constructing the overall portfolio.

Investment Policy Statement Development / Review

The Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) is the cornerstone from which all subsequent investment strategies are formed and is essential for the sound fiduciary management of the portfolio. It serves as a useful guide for the client and consultant in setting forth a welldefined set of expectations for investment methods and results. To be effective, a sound IPS should define quantifiable and realistic objectives, along with the absolute needs and mission of the client.

Asset Allocation Modeling / Cash Flow Analysis

The asset allocation is driven by the investment policy. The goal of the asset allocation modeling is to tailor each client’s asset allocation mix in order to meet their individual investment goals and objectives, including specified return objectives, risk parameters, and cash flow needs. This strategic asset allocation process is carried out through the cooperation of the client and the consultant. The client’s investment profile establishes specific requirements concerning liquidity, income, funding requirements, long-term growth, investment time horizon, return objectives and risk tolerance.

Manager Search and Selection

Our assessment of managers includes both qualitative and quantitative factors, because while past performance is important, we believe of greater importance is whether the organization is positioned for future success. We conduct due diligence on existing and new managers, present our findings to the client, and assist them in the decision-making process. We do not treat SRI manager due diligence differently as it is incorporated within our standard day to day processes.

Portfolio Implementation

Once the developed IPS and recommended asset allocation policy are reviewed and finalized, we then create an implementation plan, formalizing the investment program.

Performance Measurement, Evaluation, and Monitoring

We meet with the client on a quarterly basis to review the IPS and portfolio performance. Not only do we generate detailed quarterly reports, we also provide our clients with a monthly snapshot of the total portfolio and each individual asset class/manager versus the appropriate benchmark. As this is a continuous process maintained with perpetual and open communication, evaluating and monitoring cash flow, investment objectives, and investment managers.

We also incorporate the following services as part of the process at no additional fee:

• Cost Analysis and Fee Negotiation
• Client and Committee Education
• Assist in Custodian Searches
• Assist with Socially Responsible Investing